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Transportation won’t fix itself. 我们需要明智的、前瞻性的政策,而不是维持现状.

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Transportation won’t fix itself. 我们需要明智的、前瞻性的政策,而不是维持现状.

美国的交通运输系统正处于转型之中. 新技术正在取代耗油的汽车和卡车, 而新的移动服务正在改变我们的出行方式.

这种变化在很大程度上是有益的,因为更清洁的汽车取代了更脏的汽车. But not everything is aligned with the realities of a carbon-constrained world; without the right state and federal policies, progress isn’t assured.

Vehicle standards

高效的汽车和卡车燃烧更少的汽油,排放更少的污染,而且司机加油的钱也更少. But automakers rarely invest in fuel efficiency without requirements to do so; in fact, the fuel economy of the average US vehicles hardly changed at all until the Obama administration passed groundbreaking efficiency rules in 2011.

维持和加强这些标准对于实现美国的617888九五至尊娱乐目标至关重要, 这取决于美国运输业对全球变暖污染的大幅减少.

车辆标准对于解决汽车和卡车的尾气污染也至关重要, which causes smog, cancer, and breathing problems.

Cleaner fuels and electric vehicles

不管你的车有多节能,油就是油,它仍然会产生污染. Cleaning it up, and replacing it entirely where possible, 应该成为美国近期的主要政策目标吗.

Federal and state policy can help. Low-carbon fuel standards require fuels become cleaner over time. And “carbon intensity” tracking could ensure that what oil we do use doesn’t get dirtier.

支持电动汽车的政策也至关重要; electricity is a cleaner fuel than oil即使它来自最脏的电网. As the grid continues to transition to clean energy, electric cars and trucks will become even cleaner. Subsidies, incentives, 以及其他让更多电动汽车上路的解决方案是减少美国碳排放的关键途径.

Other policies

The US transportation system is large, complex, and involves many different authorities and interests. No single policy can cover all the important areas of focus; rather, 多种互补的政策必须结合起来,才能创造一个可持续的, fair, long-term framework.

其他重要的交通解决方案包括增加对公共交通的投资, to standards governing smog-forming pollutants, 以及地方和州一级关于负责任部署优步和Lyft等叫车服务的政策.

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